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I was born in April, 1986.
So I'm not so young, but my fur is glossy like mink and my round eyes are shining! Whoever sees me says I'm so young!

(December 31, 1998)

No. 12

The world outside was huge and interesting.
We were living in a quiet town where few cars could be seen in the night, so I could play safely.

I tasted the flowers and the grasses and hunted many insects.
My favorite was dragonflies.
For I have slept well in the daytime, I was very energetic. I played all night long.
And came back home soundlessly before dawn. L'aventure de nuit!

But soon mom became aware of this amusement of mine. I've not waken her up when I'd came home, but some grasses on my fur and a little opened screen door told her what I've done.

"Tabi, don't go out alone, it's dangerous." Mom told me so, but she permitted me to go out tacitly. In those days, you didn't have to worry about cats' AIDS, and as I said before, there're few cars around our apartment. The only bad thing was the flea. Anyway, those were the good old days.

When mom was sick in bed, I brought her a dragonfly. She looked at my gift with a mixed look, and thanked me, but she never played with it nor ate it, she just buried it. I thought how human waste the thing.
But I love to be thanked and prized by mom and dad, so whenever I hunted something good, I always bring and show them it. Now I'm too virtuous to eat it or play with it, I let them go. After living with human for over 12 years, you can't be a wild beast.
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