Cats' Apartment

Room # 102




I'm proud of my career as a nurse cat! (And I've never had a baby before. Can you believe it?)
I live with many many NORWEGIAN FOREST CATs who are so huge. They were all brought up by me!
Also my mom needs my help whenever she gets tired and feel so sad.
I wonder how they get along without me.

October 22nd, 1998

Mao's Nursing Diary (No. 4)

Hi, this is Mao. It's already a beautiful autumn.
I feel a little melancholy like many poets.

As I said before, we had too many kittens this time. But now, there're only
And it's getting cold and being with warm kittens is very nice.
Still, I can't do it well, I mean, nursing.
Mom says "Oh, Mao, you'd better stop licking kittens. You woke them up!"
Yes, she's right. Well, I'll try best next time.

Today, I'm going to tell you another thing. About the Cat Show.
You know, I'm a household cat without a pedigree, but I have a number for
attending Cat Show. As mom is a breeder, our Norwegian Forest Cats attends
the Show. And mom want me to do so too!

Last year, when I was six and half years old, I made my debut for the Show and
I won the Grand Master! Also, I was the 11th Asian Household Cat. Isn't it great?
(Her mom wrote: For this was her first experience, she was very nervous. But
she was very good when she was judged!)

My friend in this apartment Miyu, she got the QGM and 6th Asian Household Cat
and Kitten. Well, she's much younger than me, you know.

This is the prize.
Too small?

Then, now you can see my name!

 Will you read back numbers?

No. 1


No. 2


No. 3