Cats' Apartment

Room # 402


Yumu & Lucas



My name is Yumu Tanaka.
Lucas is my cat's name.


March 6, 2000

Lucas's Life
Yumu: Hello everyone!!! (Including cats) Long time no see. I haven't wrote in a while because I was too "busy" (Lazy). Actually I don't know what got the Laziness out of me. It might be my dumb cat running around asking for food.
Lucas: I am not dumb!!!
Yumu: You keep thinking that..... Anyway today me and my cat Lucas with be acting out Lucas's life.
Lucas: huh?
Yumu: <psst Just play along that was the first thing that came into my head>
Lucas: Oh huh I mean yeah my life. This will be very exciting. Who gets to direct?
Yumu: Me of course.
Lucas: And why is it you?
Yumu: Because you can't type.
Lucas: .......
Yumu: Anyway here it goes. Lucas's Life take one.

Scene: Upstairs, Lucas is under the dining table. I am leaving for soccer and I open the door

Dog: Ruff Ruff
Lucas: Oh my god what's that.
Dog: I am a dog.
Lucas: Oh well your in my territory so get out!!
Dog: Ruff
<Lucas runs>
Dog: Ruff
Owner of dog: Co-co get out
<dog gets out>
<Lucas is downstairs>
<Yumu Closes the door>

The End

Lucas: wow wow wow HOLD IT!!!!
Yumu: What?
Lucas: That was nothing like how it went. You made all of that up. The only part you got right was the dog's name and my name.
Yumu: Oh really? Then how did it go.
Lucas: Here is how it really went........Lucas's Life Take 2

Scene: Lucas is sitting on his throne (Yumu: That's a chair!) (Lucas: Hey who's telling the story?) with his silky fur, very proud and long tail, long body, sharp looking eyes, razor sharp claws, crimson eyeballs, the pure white parts on his fur and pitch black parts. (Yumu: Wake me up when the story starts) He sees his "Owner" (Yumu: Why am I in quotes?) (shut up!!) Yumu leaving for soccer.

Lucas: Your leaving?
Yumu: Yes I am sorry master Lucas but I must go. I wish i could brush your hair all day but business awaits.
Lucas: Ok go on dismissed .
Yumu: Thank you Master Lucas.
<Yumu opens the door when a German Shepard comes running into the house tackling Yumu to the ground.>
Yumu: Ahhhh Help!!!!
Lucas: Pathetic human
<Lucas runs up and scratches the German Shepard and then bites him in numerous spots. The goes running out of the door>
Yumu: Thank you Master Lucas
Lucas: Yes, yes whatever just give me a lot of dinner today.
Yumu: Yes anything for you Master Lucas.

The End

Lucas: See that's more like it.
Yumu: Yeah whatever. First of all the "German Shepard" was a little cute dog smaller than you. Second, it did not jump on me it just came in and looked at you. Third, what throne? Fourth, what nails? Fifth, yeah scratched him you ran out of there like the world was coming to an end.
Lucas: Who asked you?
Yumu: No one but it doesn't matter because I have the keyboard.
<Lucas bites Yumu>
Yumu: OWW!!!!
Lucas: How about we go to something else?
Yumu: Yeah that would be a good idea.
Lucas: What next?
Yumu: Let's both write the good and bad qualities of each other.
Lucas: Ok <smirks>
Yumu: 10 of each no more no less.
Lucas: Doh

30 minutes Later.......

Yumu: I am done.
Lucas: So am I.
Yumu: Ok let's share them.
Lucas: Right me first.

%*$*, "( #*+@& =@>@~@

%*$* ;& %<*_ =%];#@"

Yumu: Hold it!!! What in the world is this?
Lucas: What you were expecting me to write?
Yumu: <sighs> I may understand it but our viewers won't.
Lucas: Oh, right.
Yumu: I will translate.

Yumu, by Lucas Tanaka

Yumu is your typical human being. He has dark dark dark dark dark dark dark dark brown hair, dark dark dark dark dark dark dark dark brown eyes and he is Japanese He is 13 now (Feb, 11 was his Birthday) and I am 3 I think.... He is a very kind person. He pets me, he brushes me, feeds me, does my liter box, (not always he "Forgets") he is the one who picked me out of the shelter. He once made me a house out of cardboard which I never really used except play in. I had a lot of other places to sleep.
He doesn't get so mad at me even when I bite him really hard. I don't mean to....well I mean.... ummm.... you human will never understand. He can't cut my nails because he doesn't want to here me meow in such a sad voice.. He might be careless and all but he is still my only owner.

Yumu: Wow there is nothing bad.
Lucas: I felt like being nice.
Yumu: Whatever, my turn.

Lucas, by Yumu Tanaka

Lucas is a nice cat. If you ask me he can look loveable and cute or fierce. My friend said he is a hunter cat and that is why he has a long tail, for balance so he can run fast. I think that's pretty cool and if you ask me he is a natural hunter. He can get anything he wants. Lucas is a cool cat he can stand on his hind legs, jump like 85 million feet (Not really but its high) and he runs very very fast.

Lucas: There were no bad things in there either.
Yumu: Oh well...
<Lucas smiles>
Yumu: Ok so what next?
Lucas: Nothing. Bye everyone!!
Yumu: Buh Bye see you next time!!!!!

The End

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