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Lord Byron
Lord Byron

Lord Byron

Lord Byron POST

I would like to introduce Lord Byron (LB, for short). He is a Norwegian Forest Cat.

He is very handsome and a good natured cat. I think he is about 9 years old.

He is affectionate and loves to lick the outside of ice cream containers. Especially Haagen Dazs!

April 20th, 2001

Lord Byron's Roommate

Lord Byron has a Cousin. Her name is Empress CiCi-- she and Byron are cousins because their humans are sisters. She is a very special Russian Blue Cat: here is her picture. She loves pretty things, especially flowers. We give her a vase with flowers next to her food bowl. CiCi rules the humans like she is an Empress. She is very lovable, but when she wants something, like a little chicken meat, or a new collar, she tells us and we get it for her immediately. We try to keep her happy and purring all the time!

CiCi & LB


Empress CiCi together with Lord Byron

She is enjoying the wrapping from
one of the presents we have given her.

LB is doing very well-- here is also a recent photo of him in the garden... It is hard to believe he is more than 11 years old!


Here is a drawing I made of Lord Byron, and a cartoon I drew of a rice ball shaped like a cat... they are just for fun. :-)



Lord Byron

Meow-Omusubi (a rice ball)

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This is my Lord Byron! (1999.9.9)