May 10th, 1998

Hello! Did you enjoy my home page? (I really hope so.)
For you're reading this, you must be a cat fun. I've been crazy for cats for these 12 years.

All of my family except my father have bad allergy for cats (maybe for lions, tigers and so on), so we couldn't have our own cats until my brother brought home a stray kitten one rainy day.

I didn't play with her so often because I was apart from my family living by myself, and soon she was killed by a car. (It's terrible to hear a lot of cats and dogs are damaged by traffic accidents!) We're very sad. And my mother told us not to bring any stray kitten. "We've lived with a dog for many years, and he doesn't go out without a lead. So I don't have to worry about a traffic accident. I don't want to cry by the lost of our family animal any more!" That was what she said and we followed her.

After an year or so, I found a stray kitten near my apartment. She caught my heart at first sight, and made me decide to live with cats. (But I couldn't live with her.)

"Tabi" is my first cat. She's now 12 years old and rather old as a cat. But she's still fine and charming. "Noruta" is almost 2 years old. He's a naughty sweet boy. My husband and I really love them, and enjoy living with them!

"Good news! Found really chap tickets to Norway!" "Wow, then we have to go!"
It began by a phone call from Hisako, my friend.
Hisako and I were always talking about the trip to Norway. And it suddenly comes true like this.

As she's a breeder of NORWEGIAN FOREST CATS, she has visited Norway before and keep contact with some breeders there, but I've never been there before and have little information.

But when I was working for a trading company, I've telexed and talked on the phone some Norwegian. I liked them for they're so nice with good humor. And my husband who has visited Northern Europe sometimes by business trip says "Norway? Oh I love it! The breakfast there was the best!". So I've wanted to visit Norway.

Everybody we contacted in Norway and Sweden is really kind, so our trip will be nice, I'm sure.

We're going to take a lot of pictures like most of Japanese do so.
You'll be able to see that pictures on the home page of cattery "AZURE BLUE" after our coming back, and I'll write about the trip on this page.
Our trip will be from May 20th to May 27th.
See you again soon!

I've come home from my trip to Norway and Sweden safely. Oh, I'm so tired. It was such a hard schedule! As soon as we arrived at Sweden, "The Cat Tour" started.

As you know, in the summer of Northern Europe, it doesn't get dark till midnight. It was in May and still it doesn't get dark until 11 o'clock or so, and it made me feel strange. But a lady in Norway said that it makes her feel strange when it gets dark early in the evening in summer. Maybe.

First, we reached to Falun, Sweden. There lived Maggane and Anne who helped us so kindly. Hisako (My friend, a NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT breeder) find them in their web site. We sent some e-mails to them, and they really welcomed us! Thank you Maggan, Anne!! They drove for us and showed us many many NORWEGIAN FORESTS CATs. (You can see their cute photos at "cattery AZURE BLUE - NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT".)
Falun was a beautiful town. Houses were pretty, cats were cute and people there was very kind. We all wanted to live there only if we could speak Swedish and could find some good job.

Kindness and hospitality helped us in both Norway and Sweden. Though we can speak only broken English, little Norwegian and can't speak Swedish at all, everybody tried to understand us. I think I have to be more kind to those who are from abroad!

Now, this book of travel will be continued.