Room # 601

Yororita JINGUJI
Yororita JINGUJI



Yororita JINGUJI


I'm Yororita, nice to meet you!
You may think that I'm a carefree cat, but you can't imagine how strange was
my fate.

September 9th, 1999

When Yororita came to me.

I was riding my bike in the park that night.
Yororita was lying on the ground. She had a narrow escape from being hit by me.

I noticed her and picked her up. She's so small (less than 10 cm!) that she looked like a mouse. I couldn't recognize her to be a cat until I saw her closely under the light in my room.
I still remember the lice running on her stomach. She's so poor.

Her name "Yororita" came from the word "yoroyoro", means "totter" in Japanese. Yes, she couldn't even walk then.

Now she's grown up lovely!

Mom, was I deserted?

No, no, Yororita!