Room # 603



Tell AKUTSU ぽすと

Name: Tell AKUTSU
Date of Birth: April 25, 1999
Description: Norwegian Forest Cat
Sex: Male
School Carrier: Blue Sky Kindergarten
Occupation: Chief, Business Dept.,
Blue Sky Co., Ltd.
Hobby: Driving
Sport: Rolling Balls
Condition: Extremely Good
Family: Foster Father &
Foster Mother

September 9th, 1999

My name is Tell.
"P.M. 3:00, Friday June 25, 1999, Tokyo Station"
It was raining.

I was on the express train.
Where am I going?
I felt my heart beating same as all of my brothers did.
Who's waiting for me?

The first day

In that morning, my mother called her kittens and told us:

"Eat much, play a lot, sleep well. That's all you have to do.
Everything will be fine!"

My brothers

Now I know my mother was right.
Father and Mother was longing to see me, they prepared everything for me.

I found the food and the litter box the same as what I've used, it made me happy.
When I can use my new litter box, Mother praised me!

Also they gave me new toys which I loved, I started to play with them as soon as I found them.

I was lonely. The night has come and I went to bed, then I noticed one thing.
There's only me ... I mean, there's no cat but me, nor my mother nor my brothers.

Miaowww, I miss you all! Where are you? I was lonely.。

I know this was a homesickness, I was homesick just the first night, now I'm OK.
Well, I'll tell you more about me next time!

To all the resident of this CATS' APARTMENT:
How do you do? Please be my friends!