Room # 502

The Tanakas



Nyan, Kyoro, Lili, Chibi & Milk


Hello, my name is Nyan.
I'm going to introduce my family. We're 5 lovely girls!


July 29th, 1999

My Family
Well, first, about me.
I've heard that my mother was left when she was pregnant. How poor.
There're bad peoples, but not all of them. A kind people found her and take her home. Then we 7 kittens were born. Kyoro is my sister.
The people helped my mother couldn't keep us for we're too many, so he looked for someone who wanted lovely kittens.
Next day, there's a phone call from "Ms. Tanaka". She came to meet us soon.
Ms. Tanaka said us to call her "Sister". Sister hugged me so sweetly that I slept soon.


Sister said to her boy friend, "Say, she's so pretty, I want her!"
Wow, are they going to adopt me? Great!, I thought.
Then, Kyoro came to us. Kyoro has a fluffy hair and lovely. (I'm lovely too!)
Sister looked to like her too, and could not choose one from us.
Her boy friend suggested that they take both of us, but Sister said "Hummm, maybe we can't keep 2 cats."
My heart beat violently.
At last they took Kyoro only, I was so sad.


But next day, Sister came to me to take me her home!!!
She said she wanted me to live with her too. Can you imagine how happy I was?
I had to say good bye to my mother, it was sad. The kind people who helped us was sad, he said. Thank you very much, I said to him.

2 years later, Lili came to us. She's a stray cat, looked to be elder than us.
She's so clever and likes to play with people, not us cats.

1 year later, Chibi came. She's a kitten of a stray cat Sister feeds.
She was so small that no one thought that she's a cat. And she was ill, poor Chibi.
Now she's fine!




And 1 more year later, Milk came. She's a stray kitten too. She was found by Sister when she's locked up in a garage crying all the day.
Milk is a strange cat, she's always calm, but sometimes so naughty!

I have a lot of friend, that's good, but Sister doesn't play with me so often like old days. She's busy, she says.
I want her to play with me much more. You ask her for me too, please?
Well, long enough. See you next time!