Cats' Apartment

Room # 303

Milk & Chibi AKAHORI
Milk & Chibi

ぽすとMilk & Chibi

We're a large family.
Five people, Sakura (a dog), Buddy (a hamster), dozens of goldfish and us.
Ayumi suggested us to live in this apartment. She's only 12 years old but she
can use the computer! She's so neat!

December 25th, 1998

Hello, we're Milk and Chibi!


I'm Milk.
I'm the first cat of the Akaboris. And I was very proud of it, and loved to
be loved by my family as the only cat. But then Chibi came to us.
When she was a kitten, it was OK. She's only a kitten who knows nothing. But
now she's big and everyone in my family loves her, too! I wish I were the
special cat without her. Also I don't like Sakura, a noisy dog.
So I won't be hugged by people. Am I a bad girl?
Hello, I'm Chibi.
Chibi means tiny though I'm not so tiny now.
I really want to be a good friend of Milk, but she seems not to like me. I
think she doesn't like my optimism. And I like to be hugged by people, but
she doesn't. Maybe we don't hit it off together.
My special skill is to open the door. Sakura always tries to go out, so I'm
said to stop it. But it is very interesting, so I can't stop doing so.


Here're our photos with Ayumi!

Milk & Ayumi

Chibi & Ayumi

Milk who is patient sometime.

Chibi who loves to be hugged.