Cats' Apartment

Room # 301




Hello, I'm Lark ITOH.
I'm a six years old girl.
It's so nice to see you in this apartment!

October 14th, 1998

It was June 1992 when I came to mom.

Before that, I've been living with my biological mother and brothers in a garret of somebody's house.
It's been a calm place till they began to remodel that house. Frightened by the noises, we ran away from the garret. But since I was the smallest, I could not follow my family, and was left there.

But thank to God, there's a kind people who took care of me! It's mom. She was alone in that time, and wanted someone to live with.

I felt a little fear for I've never lived with a human being, but I decided to live with her. I don't have to worry about my food nor the rain. It's nice, isn't it?

When I was a kitten.

And six years later.

And six years has passed. Six years!

Mom got married and I got dad too! We have to move many times for his job. (I've taken a "jet"! It's a very very noisy thing. Do you know it?)

But now I'm happy with my parents. Dad is a fond father, and gives me my favorite thing, seaweed whenever I play with him!

Well, see you next time!