Room # 703

Koharu & Yuka NAITOH
Koharu & Yuka

Koharu & Yuka

Koharu & Yuka NAITOH ぽすと

"Hi, I'm Koharu!"
"And I am Yuka."
We are Norwegian Forest Cats!

Koharu & Yuka

September 10th, 1999



How do you do? I'm Koharu.
I came to Mom's in this April.
I felt lonely when I came here, I was the only cat, but I understood how Mom
and Dad loved me. Now I enjoy my life here.
Yuka, my sister came 2 months later. When she came to us, I was so surprised
that she had nice toys similar to mine instead of paws. So I chased her to
play with her nice toys, but it was a mistake. She has paws like me, not
toys. It took me about 1 month to realize that. Oh, my!
I am Yuka.
I came here in June.
I was happy to see Koharu, but somehow she chased and bit me. (especially on
my paws)
But now she's kind to me, we sleep in the same bed.

You may think that they have no similarity, but still they are similar to each other!

Sleeping Koharu

Are you sleepy, Yuka?

Exciting Koharu

Do you like silvervine?

Thank you for your joining us,
Ms. Koharu NAITOH and Ms. Yuka NAITOH!

Mori no Nekoya