Cats' Apartment

Room # 501

Hanamaru & Nyanya OHHORI
Hanamaru & Nyanya

Hanamaru & Nyanya
Hanamaru & Nyanya

ぽすとHanamaru & Nyanya

Hey everybody, are you well?
I'm Hanamaru. The girl next to me is my sister, Nyanya.
Living in this apartment was suggested by our owner, "Ne-chan", Sis.
I'm a true "Edokko" (means born and grow up in Tokyo)!

* But, hey you look like a half Japanese and half Western, don't you?

How silly! My parents were born in Tokyo, too, which means I'm an Edokko!

July 29th, 1999

Hanamaru says:

Imagine a naughty red tabby cat with big eyes who's 7-8 months old. That's me. Yet small but tough already.
But since I was too cute for people to ignore, they fed me, I became too familiar to people. Anyway, this is one of the way of survival.
When I found dupes, I meowed for foods like a poor little stray cat.
Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes not. You know, I had to get alone, I regarded
myself as an entertainer.
As of my sister, she's afraid of people. Though we've grown up together,
she and I were so different in temper. We loved (and love now, of course)
each other so much, so I always brought her something to eat.


One autumn night, I met a girl on the street near our roost. It was "Ne-chan".
Sure, I mewed. She looked to be a nice girl who likes cats.
"... Why, aren't you a stray cat? Then you must watch for people."
Oh, it's non of your business, just give me something to eat!
Well, she gave me something. Just some small dried fish.
Since that night, she fed us almost every night. She even bought cat food for us who are not hers.


Living freely outside is not so bad, but there're enemies, too.
The biggest enemy to us then was the neighbors including the owner of "Ne-chan"'s apartment house, who hates cats. They said feeding cats made unclean around their houses.
She wanted to feed us, but not wanted to be seen with us by the owner.
So she tried to let us into her room.
It was not so easy.
My sister was still afraid of her, it took long time for her to go into the room.
I admire "Ne-chan"'s patience!

Anyway, time helped us. My sister became to love "Ne-chan" and to wait for her coming back home with me.
We ate supper with her and stayed all night. It was cold outside, you know.
In the morning, when "Ne-chan" went out for job, we went out too.
One day, she decided to ask for the owner of her apartment house to live with us, but he said no, of course.
Then she began looking for a new room where we can live!
Thanks for god, she could find a good one, not so expensive but a little old. I and my sister moved with her!
She wanted us to stay in the room all the day, but how can we do such a thing?
She didn't have to worry about us, we go out for a walk but surely we come back home.
So she gave it up.
Now, we stay home in the daytime when she's out and go out in the night, just opposite from our habit when we're kittens.
It's so boredom to be in a room, we're doing so just for "Ne-chan", ha!

* Hey boy, then why you mew so poorly at the door when you come back?