Cats' Apartment

Room # 202



Hi, this is Hami.

When I'm excited, my tail becomes so puffy like that of a raccoon. Besides, I like dancing, so my dad believes that I was a raccoon in my previous life. (In Japan, raccoons are believed to dance in the night.) But don't believe it, it's only a joke!

February 14th, 1999

My Favorites
My Bed

I love this bed which Dad bought for me.
It's so warm and comfortable, I spend most time in this bed sleeping.


Do you know "Kotatsu"? It's a Japanese traditional foot warmer with a quilt
over it.
When I'm in Kotatsu, I feel like sleeping like a bear in the winter.
Also, I love being on someone's lap. Dad believes that he's loved by me the best, but actually I don't care whose lap.
At the window

I love sitting by the window full of sunshine looking at the outside thru it.
I don't mind any cats around my house. I'm the strongest when I'm in my house!
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