Cats' Apartment

Room # 401






How do you do? My name is Chie.(=^^=)
I was born in April, 1997, but I don't know exactly cause I was a deserted kitten.
Now I have a nice family of my own! Father, Mother, Naozoh, Akizoh and Mah-chan.

January 7th, 1999

My Family

As I said, I'm loved by all members of my family, but I have to say that my official owner is Akizoh.
Naozoh, elder than Akizoh named me. At first, she has hesitated to adopt me, but when she met me, she was charmed by me (*^_^*)!

In fact, Mother didn't like cats, they says. But now she's changed, she really loves me, and of course I really love her!
Akizoh is so childish that she sometimes objects Mother that I'm HER cat. Ha ha!

I love all of my family, but not so much Father. He always teases me!
"Hey, Chie, you have a nice hip!" He touches me on my hip everyday. Father, it's a sexual harassment! I mew loudly to tell him "NO! NO!"

Mah-chan lives alone apart from us for he goes to the collage far from here, so I don't know much about him. Last time he came home, I couldn't remember him. Everybody laughed at me saying "Chie remembers fast and forgets fast!" I don't like to be said so!

By the way, I do love playing trick. My favorite game is dropping something from a shelf. This is an important experiment! Last time, when I made an experiment on a little flower pot, they got angry. Did I reflected upon my mischief? No! I enjoyed it very much.

Well, they say that I'm good at pretending a cute good cat. Mew mew mew mew!
Yes, they're right, I'm a clever calculating cat!