Cats' Apartment

Room # 302

Ayano & Stephanie OHKI
Ayano & Stephanie

Ayano & Stephanie OHKI

We are a mother and a daughter.
Mother: Ayano, 12 years old.
Daughter: Stephanie, 2 years old.

We live apart for our characters and the ways of life are really different.

In this apartment, we start together, but maybe we'll be apart some day!

December 5th, 1998

Ayono's Story - 1

How do you do? My name is Ayano. Please listen to my story.

It was a rainy day in June, 1985. There was a girl who took me sitting on a road to her home. My mother's sister.
I can't remember why I was there in a rain.
Mother sais that I was a kind of fat and my fur was so beautiful and clean, and I was seemed to be familiar with people, so maybe I was just a stray cat.
Anyway, it was my desteny to come to Mother. Yes, I became a daughter of the Ohkis.

I don't speak much, I'm a calm cat. Every of my family except Mother thinks that I'm irresolute, but only Mother understands my really character. I'm strong at heart.

I was grew up to be a mother cat who delivered many many kittens. All of my kittens were adopted by many families for they're so cute.
When I was 10 years old, the Ohki family judged that was my last litter for I was too old, and they kept one of my daughters.
But this was their big mistake.

Oh, my story will be so long. I'll tell you the sequel next time.

Me and my kittens.
Stephanie is sleeping on my left side.

I was living easily in those days.
Stephanie on my left side was lovely girl.

December 30th, 1998

Hi, I'm Stephanie!
Hi, I'm Stephanie!
I'm 2 and a half years old, and in the prime of womanhood. But I was operated not to have kittens before. Do I feel sorry? No. I rather feel easy.
I am and will be living like a princess.
This is my photo. Don't you think I'm so cute?


In my house, a dog is living together as well as human. He's so restless! Woo, I hate him! He always chases me. I think he is my natural enemy.
And I don't like kids. The Ohkis has children, they're OK, but their friends! They always try to hug me though I hate to be hugged.
But I'm a princess here, you know, so I can't run from them.

And every day, a stranger (I mean, a cat) comes to my home to eat. I wonder who she is. This is MY home!
Maybe she's similar to the cat I play with outside in the evening. For I'm a princess, I forget that it not the point. And, you know, in most of the things there's no points, aren't there?

Well, more lovely photos of mine will be seen next time (Mom bought a new camera for me!), so please wait for a while!