Cats' Apartment

Room # 203




Hi, my name is Ah-chan, I'm a 4 month old kitten.
I was born in May, 1998.
And well, mmm, well, ... (Here's your memo!!! (^o^;))
Oh, thank you, mammy.
Well, I live in this apartment house from now on.
I'm glad to make your acquaintance! (Good, Ah-chan, you did it!)

December 30th, 1998

My name is Ah-chan♪.

My name is Ah-chan♪. Yes, Ah-chan♪. Mama named me.

Actually, Mama could not think anything but the way of living with me, and
didn't think of my name. But it doesn't mean that Mama named me at random.
She once lived with another "Ah-chan". So she wanted to name me other one,
but she had to name me soon for she heard that it was much better to name when I
was a really kitten. Then she named me "Ah-chan♪".

Mama told me that she might had no idea for my name except "Kiyoharu". (A name of a famous rock singer in Japan. Mama loves him!) Well, I like my name.

Ah-taroh, Ah-sama, Ah-chama, Ah-san, Ah-tama and so on.

These are all my nick name. Wow, too many! I wonder how Mama thinks of my name. Does she thinks every name starts with "Ah" is the same? (*_*)
She uses that various names when she talks with somebody like Daddy and her friends about me, she never use when she calls me, so I guess she doesn't know that I KNOW them though I DO. But I don't tell her that I already know such various names, and someday I'll surprise her!

My name is "Ah-chan♪". "Ah-chan♪" is my name! Please remember it.


Mama,why did you take such a photo?


Mama believes that I'm an angel when I'm sleeping.

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